The New HP Chromebook 11

HP Chromebook 11The particular HP Chromebook 11 may be temporarily withdrawn through sale due to limited chargers overheating. Should you have the device make sure you use another UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS charger and contact HP or Google. When you take a seat and think about how exactly you use the
laptop, you'd probably possibly be surprised at how little you employ actual applications along with how reliant you are on-line and online companies.

The HP Chromebook 11 isn't much higher than a redesigned variant within the hardware already inside the $249 Samsung Collection 3 Chromebook. It's the same ARM processor, similar battery life, and likewise lacks a touchscreen technology. But, the new HEWLETT PACKARD version looks better. Rather than seeming lack a cast-off Netbook which has a Chrome OS brain-swap, the particular HP Chromebook 11 is actually cute, compact, basic, and attractive. It looks such as the little simple mini-computer it is actually. It's like the particular iPhone 5c regarding Chromebooks: you've noticed this technology prior to, but now the item looks cleaner, friendlier, plus much more colorful.

The HP Chromebook 11 is usually a clean, colorful gadget, with looks that fall somewhere in any MacBook as well as kid-friendly PC. The Chromebook 11 does not have any visible audio system or vents, and not many ports -- a good intentional move, giving this supplement a seamless, even appearance. You can select from glossy black or glossy white -- the white includes yellow, red, glowing blue, or green color highlights, which engagement ring the keyboard as well as tint two plastic bottom pads.

HP Chromebook 11 Specifications:
  • Operating system : Chrome OS
  • Processor : Samsung Exynos 5 Dual 1.7GHz
  • Memory : 2.00GB
  • Display : 11.6 in (1,366x768) 
  • Total storage capacity : 16GB
  • Wireless networking support : 802.11n (dual-band)


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